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There's tickling and non-tickling stuff. Pick your section and enjoy it! ;)

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- Hardcore porn
- Excessive violence (carnage, mutilation etc.)
- Racism

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Rafa The RafaMan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there! I accept commissions, art trades and requests. But I have conditions for them, so be sure to check them before complaining about anything.

The more specific the better. Be sure to tell all the details you want in your art, otherwise I'll fill such details in my own way, and I won't accept complains about the final work.

Please be patient. I adopt a "first come, first served" policy, so I work all the ordered arts in the order they reach my inbox. I don't have much spare time to work on such drawings, nor I am a speedy drawer, plus I always have quite a bunch of queued commissions, trades and requests and there's always new ones coming. So your art might take months or even a year to be finished.

Name all names needed to ease the whole thing. I'm not the "trendy" kind - I don't watch current animes, don't play every new video game in the block and don't watch many movies, toons or series. So, if you're going to ask for an art involving current popular media characters, don't simply tell only their name. Be kind to also tell from which anime, manga, game, movie, cartoon, show or whatever such character is. Reference images are always an appreciated help as well.



- Hardcore porn
- Excessive violence (carnage, mutilation etc.)
- Racism

COMMISSIONS :buymyprints:

*Black and White:
$5 - 4 characters or higher;
---> outlines option.

*Pencil Colors:
$5 - up to 3 characters
$10 - 4 characters or higher

*Digital Colors:
$10 - up to 3 characters
$15 - 4 characters or higher

*GIF Animations:
$10 - Continuous (single scene)
$20 - Progressive (changing scene)

3 characters maximum, black and white; will be worked only during Request Lottery (click for details).

KIRIBAN :+devwatch:
At each 100,000 views mark, for a screencap of the exact mark or the closest if appliable. Simple art, in digital or traditional colors.



I do NOT accept extra payment to rush a commission.


MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Favourite cartoon characters: Beatles, Daisuke Jigen, Lupin III, many Sailor Moon characters, Takaya Todoroki, Jay Sherman, Alice Tompkins, Duke Phillips, Jeremy Hawke, Fred Fredburger, Scientist #1, Bender B. Rodriguez, Cleveland Brown, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez, Tony Stewart, Professor M, Mechanic With No Name
Personal Quote: "Feathers can be more powerful than you imagine."



Those Daring Young Chicks In Their Jaunty Karts by RBM-Ink
Those Daring Young Chicks In Their Jaunty Karts
A.K.A. Rainbow Road or Bust!

Here's a prize pic for :iconacpawz:, featuring her OCs Crypta the Meowstic and Ky the seal along with :iconchoco-tail:'s Sparky the Pachirisu and Jill the red panda, all in a heated Mario Kart 8 dispute. In the meantime you can appreciate their cute feetsies. ;p Background found on the web.

Crypta, Ky (c) ACPawz
Sparky, Jill (c) choco-tail
Mario Kart 8 (c) Nintendo
HWT: Basin County by RBM-Ink
HWT: Basin County


“The Land For All People”

- Location: East of North America, Atlantic Ocean

- Total Area: 35.12 sq mi (90.9 km²)

- Population: 986,175 (est. 2027)

- Capital: New Babylon

- Cities (by approx. pop.): Brookville Basin, Hillport, Red Grove, Shoreton, New Babylon, Brimford, Goldwin Bay

- Demonym: Basiner

- Governor and Lieutenant Governor: Aaron Wilcox, Virgil James

- Time zone: Eastern UTC -5/-4

- Abbreviations: BA, US-BA, B. Cnty.

- Nicknames: The Basin, The County State, The Cosmopolitan State, Crescent Island State

Founded by accident by an English navigation of settlers in the 17th century during the growing colonization of the New World, the uninhabited archipelago known as the Basin County saw his first settlement in 1634, with the foundation of the town of Brookville, named after the English viscount Thomas Oliver Brook, who arrived years after the land was found to become the first Viscount of Brook. From that moment, the land would be known as Brook County. The prosperity brought by the mining of its several mountains and the abundant extraction of wood kept the colony steady, lasting three successions of the viscountship: after Thomas Oliver’s death in 1688, the title of Viscount of Brook was passed to General Francis St.-John, which also was succeeded after passing away 59 years later. Assuming the viscountship of the territory in 1747, Lieutenant Jonathan Lockhart was dethroned in 1775 by American militias following the Revolutionary War. One regiment coming from Delaware, led by Colonel Ebenezer Cartwright, and another from New Jersey, led by Colonel Donald Whitmore, fought the colonists navy managing to conquer the island in August 17th, in the episode that would be known as “Battle Of The Basin”. In 1776, the land was renamed ‘Basin County’, and its territory was divided between the states of Delaware and New Jersey. In the upcoming years, the depletion of natural resources would make the local governments rely mainly on contributions coming from the mainland. Only fishing activity would remain self-sustaining, which would result in the construction of ports and docks all along the island shores. That also resulted in the construction of a shipyard in the southern part of the island, which later would generate the cities of Hillport (1821) and New Babylon (1839). The nautical industry ended up attracting plenty of workforce to the island, to the point that new communities would be founded in the following years. Three new towns were founded that century: Shoreton (1855), Red Grove (1878) and Brimford (1894). During this time the Basin County became little by little one of the main portals of entrance for immigrants in America, reaching its peak of immigration activity in the earlier 20th century, thanks to the oppression suffered in many European nations culminating in the World Wars. Such period originated the last town of the county: Goldwin Bay (1913). The first years of the World War II would bring the most tragical pages in the history of the Basin County, when several convoys of oppressed European immigrants began arriving daily in Basiner ports in 1942; the Axis forces saw on that the opportunity to send many of their spies disguised as oppressed immigrants. The island became a place of constant tension and worry, due to the ongoing spy games that unleashed a paranoid spy hunt and settled an atmosphere of terrorism across the island. The tension of the situation came to the point of the states of Delaware and New Jersey be forced to officially dispose their respective counties of the region in 1944, leaving it to its own local governments. In the end, the operation made innocent victims, leaving several immigrants permanently wounded and/or traumatized and thirty-six casualties by the investigation processes that lasted two months after the end of the war. In January 1946, passed the whole tension, the American government made a public apologize for the victims of the whole spy hunt process, and the political leaders of the Basin County started the negotiations to integrate the territory to the Union as a state. In the first of December of that year, the Basin County became officially a state of the United States of America. Curiously, the “County” part of the name was kept - in this case, as its historical name rather than its geographical denomination.

The territory of the Basin County state resumes to a “crescent-moon-shaped” island about the total area of Manhattan Island. Its terrain has an interesting contrast: while most of it (about 84%) is plain with little altitude variation, three mountain ranges can be found, one along the southern coast - the Atlantic Mountains -, another at the northern shore of the basin - Mount Hope, at the Prospect Falls National Park -, and, the tallest of them, at the northeastern coast - the Brimford Peak, home of the town of the same name. The weather is typical humid continental climate, with hot, humid summers up to 84°F (29°C) and snowy winters down to 7°F (-14°C) at sea level cities and -41°F (-42°C) at the 9,878 ft (3,011 m) high summit of Brimford Peak. The economy is mostly focused on industry, mainly focused on shipbuilding and other nautical related productions in general. Fishing, steelmaking, electronics and automobiles are also strong industries in the island. Tourism has a significant part thanks to the casino town of Goldwin Bay and the alpine town of Brimford along with its nearby ski resort.

Traditionally, Basin County’s most observed public holiday is the Battle of the Basin Day, celebrated every August 17th and considered a day off across all the state for being considered the local independence day. Other traditional public holidays includes Immigrants Day, celebrated on September 2nd, created after World War II to homage the victims of the Axis spy hunt operations, and Basin County Day, also a state day off celebrated December 1st for the officializing the island as an American State. In terms of events and leisure, Basin County claims to have the most cosmopolitan Mardi Gras in America, where is common to see some colonies of immigrants form their own celebrations according to their home country’s. There are also another cosmopolitan celebration, known as the International Week, held every last week of May, when a series of cultural events in art, cuisine and sports all over the state homages the different cultures that composes the people of the island. The second most popular event is the BluExpo, an expo generally held in any of the first weekends of summer, attracting nautical and fishing enthusiasts from all over America and the world. Another major event of the island is the Rock The Basin!, a three-day rock festival held usually in latter July or early August, bringing the best of both new and eternal stars of rock music. The festival has been seen a considerable growth in public and interest along the years. Other popular events across the state includes the film festival Seventh Art Festival, the professional fishing event Basin County Bass Classics (also known as Grandline Bass Classics for sponsorship reasons), the ATP 500 Basin County Open professional tennis tournament and the three major motorsport events in the state held at the Atlantic Superspeedway in New Babylon city - the Yosemite Light 400 (NASCAR Sprint Cup), the Big Catch Co. Indy 400 (IndyCar Series) and the Basin County MS-1 Trophy (MS-1 Grand Prix). Along with these, a series of other sports events are held yearly in the island thanks to local teams taking part in major (volleyball, zoneball, soccer, lacrosse) and minor leagues (football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball), as well as plenty of martial arts events at the casinos of Goldwin Bay.


At last, the one that should have been the first of all Homeheroes World Tour!

In a bright sunny day, we've got Gina James and Lynn posing for a photo at the heart of the biggest city, Brookville Basin, showing whatever you can see of the Union Plaza, with the Immigrants Memorial sculpture right after them ( the main landmarks of the city), the Prism Inn (the fanciest hotel in the city but not in the state) and at the back, from left to right, the BA Channel Tower, the Courthall Building and the Masoncorp Center.

Just like with my only other fictional territory presented so far, the Veronesia Islands, I spent quite a time reading plenty of History in order to write the origins of this one. My goal wasn't to make it look something completely realistic, but at least not something too far-fetched; something that would really look like American History but with some touch of epic fiction, that may be even explored in further stories of the Homeheroes universe. ;)

As for the land itself, that one was quite far-fetched. :D I actually  wanted to make each part of it a piece of various sceneries of the American geography. There are typical cities like the big, modern metropolis, a casino city, a "New-England-like" "fall-foliage" city, a "beach-and-carnival-pier" city, an arid desert, mountains covered with pine trees etc. etc. etc.

Please tell me what you think of this one! ;)</p></blockquote>
Okay... I won't say I didn't work in any art in the last week, but every week I don't post something here I can't help but feel a wee sensation of wasted opportunity. Go figure. ^^;

Anyway, some more stuff of my own coming up soon enough, like a new 'Homeheroes World Tour' destination and probably a new character sketch, but I'll be focusing in the next pending trade and prize mostly. If possible, another collage of the India trip. ;)

Nothing else to update for now, I guess. See ya! :w00t:
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: water and soda mostly
  • Reading: movies, sports, a few toons and series
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Okay... I won't say I didn't work in any art in the last week, but every week I don't post something here I can't help but feel a wee sensation of wasted opportunity. Go figure. ^^;

Anyway, some more stuff of my own coming up soon enough, like a new 'Homeheroes World Tour' destination and probably a new character sketch, but I'll be focusing in the next pending trade and prize mostly. If possible, another collage of the India trip. ;)

Nothing else to update for now, I guess. See ya! :w00t:
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: water and soda mostly
  • Reading: movies, sports, a few toons and series
  • Watching: food
  • Playing: da stories, news and articles around the web
  • Eating: soundtracks, various artists
  • Drinking: 3DS, PC and retro games

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